Plastic Fabrication

sheet plastic fabricationFabrication is a generic term that is often applied to all aspects of sheet plastic processing.

CNC routing, laser cutting, line bending and welding are all covered by specific process descriptions on other pages in this website. This page focuses on joining and polishing processes.

In addition to welding, we join plastic components together using two processes:

  • Chemical bonding provides good mechanical strength and can create mitre, face, lap and butt joints. It also has the benefits of being a quick process, can be used to produce clean-looking joints on clear materials and does not ‘contaminate’ the plastic with metal parts.
  • Mechanical fixing is achieved with a range of well-known fasteners. This is generally used when superior mechanical strength is required.

Edge polishing is used to give a desirable polished look to a component. This is mainly used for acrylic components since they polish well and are often used for highly visual applications. We flame polish, wet sand and buff polish.